Health centers like Appalachian Mountain Community Health Centers focus on integrating care for our patients across the full range of services including medical health, mental health, substance abuse, and support groups for chronic conditions.  Health centers also deliver crucial services such as case management, transportation, and health education, which enable vulnerable populations to access care. 

In 2016, health centers continued to serve as leaders in quality health care.  Nearly all (99.6%) health centers demonstrated improvement on one or more clinical quality measures, including exceeding the national average in key diabetes and hypertension measures.*

68% of health center patients have their diabetes controlled (national average is 55%).

62% of hypertensive patients have their blood pressure controlled (national average is 53%)

Health centers like Appalachian Mountain Community Health Centers improve health outcomes by emphasizing the care management of patients with multiple health care needs and the use of key quality improvement practices, including health information technology.  

*(adapted from HRSA Health Center Program Flyer - August 2017)


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