We say, "I Am Care."

"... because everyone deserves access to excellent medical treatment, and everyone deserves great relationships with people who will help them get and stay healthy." - Reuben J. Pettiford, AMCHC President & CEO


"Care: the provision of what is needed for the well-being or protection of a person" - Mirriam webster dictionary



What if you had a relationship with a health care provider that was meaningful? …a real relationship where you knew a group of people were invested in you? ... where you were convinced they wanted you to get healthy and stay healthy for the long run?  What if you could go see a group of people who would work toward your entire health - body and mind?  You don't have to wish for that to be a possibility!  You just need to connect with Appalachian Mountain Community Health Centers!


The people who serve WNC patients at our six locations embody the word "Care".
What you will hear them say is this: "I AM CARE."

Whether we are greeting new patients at the door, taking weights and vitals, asking you about your current condition, or helping you find an affordable way to pay for your visit, we want to embody care.  It's knit into every fiber of our being.


In fact we are not satisfied for care to only exist in us.  We want you to be so healthy, to be so engaged in your wellbeing that you too say, "I AM CARE."  Too often healthcare providers are part of your treatment plan to make you well.  We want to engage you as an expert in your own health so that we can partner with you to help you stay well.  

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Appalachian Mountain Community Health Centers is part of a nationwide movement…