We exist because
everyone in WNC should have access to great healthcare. 


Care means...

... we employ quality health care providers.

When you come to our Appalachian Mountain Community Health Centers, you will be served by board certified healthcare providers. Our providers work with us because they believe everyone should receive great care.


... we make health care prices affordable.

Our healthcare prices are based on your family size and income. Bring a proof of income (pay stubs or tax returns) to your appointment, and we will let you know how much we can discount the cost of your visit.

... we serve people throughout western north carolina.

Our sites are in Asheville, Leicester, Sylva, Robbinsville, and Murphy. Different offices offer a mix of primary care, behavioral health, pediatrics, and support groups to help you be well in body and mind.   


We offer primary care, behavioral health, pediatrics, and local pharmacies.

Check out our location finder tools to discover  the services we offer at a site near you. 


Everyone Needs Their Own Primary Care Home 

Most people only think about doctor's offices when they're not feeling well.  We want to change that!  We want to have an ongoing relationship with you to help you get well and stay well.  We call it being your primary care home.  

We may be recommending a healthy diet, inviting you to come in for regular checkups, or asking you how you feel emotionally as well as physically.  It's all about being well, and we want to partner with you to help you get the most you can out of life.  So, if you're well and you'd like to get a check up and build a plan to stay that way, go ahead and set up an appointment today!