How to Become a Patient

Health Care for Everyone

As a Federally Qualified Health Center we are proud to offer care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. If you cannot afford to pay full price for your care, we are able to help you.


All new patients will need to fill out our new patient form packet.  To download your forms and fill them out in advance, click the button below.  Otherwise, plan to come to your first appointment 15 minutes early to fill out your new patient forms.

PATIENTS WITh INSURANCE (including medicare and medicaid)

Patients with insurance should bring their insurance or membership card, a valid photo ID, and copay.


Patients without insurance are charged on a sliding fee scale, which is based on family size and household income. To qualify for sliding scale discounts, patients must provide proof of identification, proof of family size and proof of income. This information must be renewed every 12 months.

Examples include:

  • Identification: Valid driver’s license, State ID Card, Passport, or similar identification from other countries of origin.

  • Family size: The total number of individuals in a household includes any dependent children, spouse or partner, children attending college up to the age of 26, and any individual for whom the applicant has legal responsibility and who is shown as a dependent on tax forms.

    • For children ages 18-26 attending college you must provide a schedule or transcripts to verify you provide for them.

    • Last year's tax forms indicating the number of dependent family members.

  • Income: Last year's tax forms, or one month's worth of pay check stubs and pay check stubs of family members living with you who quality as part of the household.