Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant


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Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

Job Purpose

The primary purpose of this Exempt position is to provide comprehensive and continuous health care services to residents/patients at St. Ann’s Community.

  • Provide acute care to residents/patients in LTC at SAH /SACC as well as the rehab services in accordance with St Ann’s policies and prevailing standards
  • Performs an initial acute visit for all patients discharged from acute care to long term care or rehab on Saturday and Sunday with assistance from on call MD
  • Take first telephone call for long term care patients and rehab patients Friday night, Saturday night , and Sunday night
  • Works with the nursing supervisor and providers to establish list of most acute patients and visit schedule for weekends
  • Documents on the residents/patients’ clinical condition following face to face encounters and telephone communication from the nursing supervisors/families in the EMR
  • Provides counsel, support and education to residents/patients and their families
  • Orders, reviews and interprets x-rays, labs, and other diagnostic tests required to care for patients
  • Enter into a practice agreement/supervising agreement with a physician(s)
  • Communicates with Triage nurse at ED for any patients sent to the hospital regarding indication for ED evaluation, Goals of care, and back up MD contact information
  • Reviews MOLST’s with patients/residents/families as medical condition warrants



Support the mission and vision of St. Ann's Community.

Abide by the bylaws, rules and regulations as determined by the Governing Board.

Assist in compliance with rules and regulations of New York State Department of Health

Participate in the in-service training programs for staff.




Must have completed all courses necessary at an accredited institution offering a NP/PA Program. Must have recent geriatric and/or acute/sub-acute experience.


Certificates, License, Registrations:

Must have successfully completed all certification requirements and earned the right to use the Physician Assistant Certified Designation from the NCCPA or Nurse Practitioner American Nurses Credentialing Center from the ANCC.



Physician Back up will be provided at all times. Senior NP will audit charts, orders, and overall care to insure that it meets an adequate standard.